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Australia and Tornado Alley

Thunderbolt Storm Chasing Tours presents Storm Tours 2016 – 2017 season.

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Extreme Lightning - Storm Chasing Tours Intercept

Extreme Lightning – Storm Chasing Tours Intercept – Intense Supercell Moree, NSW

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A day dawns as the sun peeps above the horizon. Mist rising from the ponds and low clouds streaming across the deslote plains. The chaser is already awake – scanning the latest model data. Mixed feelings between nerves and adrenalin sets in.

Today the atmosphere is set to explode due to a loaded gun profile. Finally, a severe storm to intercept – another violent event seems likely. The chaser chooses his target and gathers his crew.

The Chase


Dunoon Tornado 2007

Would you rather stay home and watch it on the 6 O’clock news? Imagine the excitement – your own adrenaline rush! Being there up close and personal as the skies literally explode.

Book your own front seat and experience atmospheric violence. Finally take your own selfie – the supercell and you.

Pricing for our Adventures

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 Storm Chasing Tour Prices
Storm Tour Type Number of Days Tour Prices
One Day  1  $400
 Two Day  2 days / 1 Night  $700
Week Storm Tours  7 days / 6 Nights  $1900
 Fort-nighter Storm Tours  14 days / 13 nights  $3600

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There is nothing like being there in real – viscous thunder as lightning pierces the earth; hailstones bombarding the vehicle with deafening vibrations and blinding rain like you have never seen before! Experience it yourself! BIok your storm chasing tour.

Dodge City Supercell - multiple tornadoes intercepted

Dodge City Supercell – 24th May 2016


Giant Hailstones 10cm in diameter in hand

Late Season intercept Kempsey spawns giant hail and supercell

Late Season intercept Kempsey spawns giant hail and supercell

"Rings of Saturn" Supercell

“Rings of Saturn” Supercell

Sunset Turkey supercell 2016

Sunset Turkey supercell 2016