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A REVOLUTION in storm chasing has arrived. Thunderbolt Tours' Flexi-Chaser concept provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to chase storms with us. Get your favourite picture as part of the expedition this season as we track down the most spectacular storms on the Australian landscape!

Each trip provides you with an opportunity to experience an educational insight into the forecast processes to the strategic planning of the chase path as the atmosphere erupts with electrifying force! Experience the adrenalin rush as supercells explode over our parched Australian landscape. There is no time for complacency - once the action begins - you better fasten your seat belt or you will be literally blown away! So which events from the past will be your experience in the future... Want to upgrade the adrenalin rush? You may be in the running for a rare opportunity to chase tornadoes across Tornado Alley. Enquire for more >

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Latest Australian Storm Chasing Expeditions

Our storm chases are fully documented on our Australian Severe Weather storm news section. Images are updated within days of each storm chase event in our photography gallery collection. Or join in regular discussion on extreme storms website

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