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A REVOLUTION in storm chasing is taking place. Thunderbolt Storm Tours have been chasing storms since 2003 with some members since 1993. Finally a storm chasing concept provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to chase storms with us. Rather than trying to do it yourself, get your favourite storm or tornado picture as part of the expedition this season as we track down the most spectacular and violent storms on the Australian landscape!

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Each trip provides you with an opportunity to experience an educational insight into the forecast processes and strategic planning of the chase path as the atmosphere erupts with electrifying force! Experience the adrenalin rush as supercell storms explode over our parched Australian landscape. There is no time for complacency on storm tours - once the action begins - you better fasten your seat belt or you will be literally blown away! So which events from the past will be your experience in the future... Want to upgrade the adrenalin rush?
In 2013, storm chasers Jimmy Deguara and Dave Croan were there to experience the up close and personal El-Reno tornado - now known as the widest tornado in history and packing measured winds in the EF-5 category - about 295 miles per hour! The El Reno tornado was so large it was almost in-describable because of its shear size! This beast chased away any chaser that dared to remain in its path! Dave and Jimmy were there at close range from its spectacular birth - a series of multi-vorticies and watched as this humungous beast disappeared to the north. Most importantly, our path of escape meant we minimised risk!
You may experience a rare opportunity to chase violent tornadoes across Tornado Alley or simply . Enquire for more >

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Our storm chases are fully documented on our Australian Severe Weather storm news section. Images of each storm chase event have been posted in our photography gallery collection. Or join in regular discussion on extreme storms website

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