Storm Chasing Tours

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Thunderbolt Tours participates in storm chasing adventures in the United States and Australia. We do not operate tours per se but more educational training which includes in the field experience - yes that's the best part: storm chasing. Our customers so far have attracted members from the media, film makers, documentary companies, professional photographers and enthusiasts who simply want to be there in the right position at the right time. Why get crowded in a tour bus when you can travel in your own comfort. We offer trips in Australia and Tornado Alley on a one to one basis
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Our educational training is a thorough run down covering the forecasting techniques to the current safety adviseries with regards to storm safety. We run through the strategic planning of a chase that incorporates safety in the decision making processes that keep you in the know-how of storm behaviour. Knowledge of storm behaviour is vital in understanding storm motion and keeping you out of harms way if need be. Please select your destination interest by clicking on the image below.

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