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Our storm chasing adventures are designed to give you the best possible chance of seeing severe thunderstorms and tornadoes – hence they are scheduled only during the climatological peak in severe weather – spring/summer!


In Tornado Alley USA, we schedule storm chasing adventures during May and June

In Australia, storm chasing adventures are scheduled for November, December and February (late summer is referred to as the second season in eastern Australia).


Detailed storm chasing adventure schedules are published as soon as storm chasing adventures our announced. View the schedules now – currently storm chasing adventures are open for both Australia

and the USA




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Columbus NE, supercell


Columbus NE, supercell


Junction City SD, supercell


Cheyenne WY, Lp supercell


West Tx squall line


Howard Co, Ne tornado


Alma, Ne supercells & tornadoes


NW Nebraska Lp Supercell


Nebraska tornadoes


El Reno Ok supercell


Geary, Calumet, Ok, tornadoes


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