Storm Education and Safety

Severe thunderstorms are storm with meeting the severe criteria – namely:

  • hailstones with diameter exceeding 2cm
  • severe winds with gusts exceeding 90km/h
  • very heavy rainfall that can lead to flash floods
  • Storms that meet these criteria are within the threshold to cause damage and can be life threatening. Our storm chasers have developed an experience whereby we are able to take you near severe storms to observe the behaviour and their effects. This is at the heart of our storm education program.

    Apart from the criteria listed above, another phenomena that is very dangerous and a realistic threat is lightning. Lightning is often referred to as nature’s number one killer. It is quick and very eratic in behaviour.

    However, having chased countless severe thunderstorms in Australia and Tornado Alley, the Thunderbolt Tours chase team have collectively developed a reasonable understanding to assist in better understanding the behaviour of the various forms of lightning and severe thunderstorms. Why do some thunderstorms severe or non-severe produce lightning whilst others may be catasrophic in other effects but seem to be lightning inactive. These are the type of questions we strive to cover as we study case by case the vast spectrum of thunderstorms we intercept each year.

    If you feel you could do with a better understanding of severe storms and lightning behaviour and their effects, why not contact us today or choose one of the various educational packages that suit you.